Celebrating 20 years!

We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year. Founded in 1997 we have grown from a team of four to a company of 15, with three offices, and continue to be an independent privately owned company. This has been an exciting journey. It has involved us in many challenging and diverse issues; testing audible warnings for railway level crossings, supporting a world renowned home fire risk check scheme, assessing the Human Factors of new nuclear plants, evaluating a multi agency initial assessment team for CBRN attacks and so much more. Having introduced new graduates into our team, we can now look forward to another 20 years.

What we do

We provide consultancy, training and research to help our clients develop and implement truly effective solutions to risk related issues, whether they relate to the prevention of major accidents, occupational safety, safety at home, health promotion or environmental risks.

We draw on human factors, psychology, risk communication, ergonomics, social research and other specialities to understand the human element, why people behave as they do, what attitudes need to change, how to change behaviour and what competencies and organisational capabilities need to be developed. A common thread runs through our work - we develop solutions that work in practice not just on paper.

Our Services