I’m a Director at Greenstreet Berman and have 18 years of experience applying Human Factors in a wide range of high hazard industries. I started out in the aerospace industry with GKN Westland Helicopters before moving into consultancy where I spent time working for Atkins, Serco and as an independent consultant. It was during these years that my experience in other industries grew as I became engaged in areas such as nuclear and rail. Before joining Greenstreet Berman I spent over 5 years as a specialist Nuclear Safety Inspector with the Office for Nuclear Regulation addressing the Generic Design Assessment of new reactor designs and the defence related licensee sites. I’m a Registered Ergonomist and, along with a colleague, started the Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factor’s Nuclear Ergonomics Special Interest Group.

What do you do at Greenstreet Berman Ltd?

As Director my role involves a wide spread of activity. As well as delivering technical work across Greenstreet Berman’s wide range of services I also have a particular role in looking after aspects of the business, management and development of staff and the development of future work opportunities.

What are your professional interests?

I specialise in the integration of Human Factors into complex system design and assurance work such as safety case development or facility design. Human Factors has come a long way over recent years within many industries in being an accepted and better-understood discipline with a definite contribution to make. However, it is often still overlooked or given insufficient attention. I am keen to address this wherever I can, by focusing on understanding and communicating what benefits the application of the discipline can bring. I have experience in many industries, in particular nuclear and I am always keen to see where good practice from one area can be brought to bear elsewhere. In approaching Human Factors as a discipline I am particularly keen to apply it not just as a means of addressing regulatory concerns but also as a genuine agent for positive change. Too frequently Human Factors is applied only to the basic aspects of work activity that can be changed easily and cheaply. The challenge for me and for the discipline as a whole is to obtain a more integrated and involved approach that clearly demonstrates its benefits.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spend time with my wife and our collection of animal waifs and strays. Other than that it’s cars, and bikes (of the unpowered variety) in the main. I’ve owned several sports and track cars over the years but recently I have become more focused on rediscovering my early love of time trial racing on two wheels. These days, with a lot more money available to throw at all sorts of aerodynamic carbon nonsense it is slightly disheartening that I’m still not quite as fast as I was all those years ago on much more basic kit!