I lead our research, evaluation and communications portfolio of work mainly for government agencies and regulators, covering promotional, regulatory, risk management and communications issues.

What do you do at Greenstreet Berman Ltd?

Having qualified in psychology and ergonomics I started my career in 1989 in the field of Human Factors of major hazard safety. Focusing on prevention of human error in the operation of a wide spectrum of safety critical applications, ranging from space stations through nuclear power plants to chemical, oil and gas installations.

At the same time, I shifted from Human Factors to also lead up risk assessment work, initially in major hazard sectors such as oil and gas; having helped develop a new risk based approach to decision making in the UK fire service as well as helping to conceive and develop a risk assessment process for determining fire service resource needs.

I have also been drawn into the fields of community fire safety, food safety and hygiene, road safety, environmental management and diet. Having contributed to ministerial level decisions on policy and strategy I now also specialise in supporting public health, safety and environmental initiatives.

What are your professional interests?

My professional interests cover the promotion of change in health, safety and environmental attitudes and behaviours in all spheres of work, leisure and life, with a special interest in the fire service.