Who we are

Greenstreet Berman Ltd (GSB), registered in England and Wales 3281935. Registered Office: South Wing, 8th Floor, Reading Bridge House, George Street, Reading RG1 8LS

How we use project data

GSB is open about how we use your data. We act as both data controller and processor for certain data to collect, process and retain personal data in connection with project service delivery, at proposal stage and during contract fulfilment. Data may be received from clients, directly from yourself or an authorised third party. Data is stored securely with access restrictions imposed as appropriate. All personal data we receive will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

Our legal basis for collecting, processing and retaining personal data is to allow us to contact you with respect to projects that we bid for, or undertake to fulfil contractual obligations for clients/customers. Example project processing activities include, but are not limited to:

Where we have asked you to provide data in support of a project, we will advise you of the purpose, and how we will process the data.  We will process and retain those data only for that purpose and would not use this data for any other reason. You have the right to withdraw your consent from us holding/processing your data at any time by sending us a completed Consent Withdrawal Form, available on request from trevor.stockwell@greenstreet.co.uk

Data used for other purposes

We may wish to inform you of other projects that we may undertake, other services we offer, events, or important information that we feel would be of Legitimate Interest to you, but we would seek your permission first to use your data in this way. Otherwise we will not contact you for any other reason than in respect of the project for which we obtained your data.


Unless otherwise directed by a client, we will retain those data for the duration of the project, and then in electronic form only for a period of up to 30 years after project completion, for reference purposes or to address future enquiries on completed work. You have the right to request deletion of your data prior to this. This retention period is subject to legislation changes and periodic review.


Data will be disposed of securely at the end of the retention period, unless otherwise agreed.

Further information

Copies of our Data Protection Policy and Procedures are available on request. If you have any specific concerns or enquiries regarding how we process or store your data please contact the GSB named Project Manager or our Data Security Officer, Trevor Stockwell at trevor.stockwell@greenstreet.co.uk


Download a copy of this Notice.