Our first paper will be presented by Rachel Selfe and Shona Watson (Senior Consultants at Greenstreet Berman). They will be talking about a successful process Greenstreet Berman has created and applied in a high-hazard organisation for the development of procedures that ensures  they not only reflect the safe methods by which the processes should be conducted but which also recognises the importance of an integrated approach to procedure and training development, and that those training and competence issues are addressed and integrated into the organisation’s competence management system. Our second paper will be presented by Paul Leach (Principal Consultant at Greenstreet Berman). Paul will be talking about a workshop-based approach that Greenstreet Berman has developed and applied in the Utility sector to help leadership and management teams develop their ‘compliance management competence’, to help them more effectively create a compliance-based culture.

The energy sector is set for heavy investment over the next two decades with a frenzy of activity expected in upstream oil and gas, new nuclear, LNG transportation and storage, clean coal and biofuels. There will be major safety challenges for designers, operators and regulators alike. Sustainable business success can never be delivered if there are failures in process safety management, and close attention to detail will be needed to avoid repeating past mistakes. Hazards XXIII will examine lessons learned from previous incidents.

In refining, petrochemicals and fine chemicals, the desire to sweat assets and extend the life of ageing plants with new process developments and facility re-vamps, will bring additional challenges. Meanwhile, developments in emerging areas including industrial biotechnology will take process safety into new territory. The highest professional standards will be needed because people are the weakest part of any process safety management system. Hazards XXIII will look at safety culture and human factors in detail.

The technical programme also includes a variety of presentations from regulators, operators and academia including:

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