The paper will be presented by Rebecca Canham and Paul Leach (Consultant and Principal Consultant at Greenstreet Berman Ltd). They will be talking about a unique training intervention Greenstreet Berman have developed called the “Supervisor Development Centre”. This centre focuses on providing supervisors with the necessary skills to effectively identify, challenge and rectify procedural non-compliance amongst their teams.

Moreover, the centre provides supervisors with the skills to identify the organisational factors that affect compliance and communicate these to the business. The aim of the centre is to develop supervisors who can tackle procedural non-compliances within their sphere of influence and identify and communicate wider organisational issues affecting compliance to their managers.

The rail industry is set for heavy investment and the conference is focused on helping to ensure the railway is designed for the people who use the network to create a safe, efficient and sustainable railway.

The technical programme includes a variety of presentations from regulators, operators and academia.

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