The survey was built around the HSE Safety Climate Tool and Maturity Model, but included a range of questions that focused on specific safety issues relevant to Centrica, particularly around the area of process safety and the management of engineered processes.

As part of the development, the survey was piloted to assess the face validity of the questions, content validity and internal consistency. The survey was built around the Climate Tool and the Maturity Model to ensure criterion validity was maintained.

The survey was administered to around 100-200 employees online and via post to ensure maximum response rate.

The results were analysed across a range of demographic variables, such as location, team, job type, shift, etc to help understand the key risk groups and also what variables seemed to affect and drive attitudes and behaviour. The analysis used T-tests and regressions. The analysis also benchmarked the results of this survey with previous safety attitudinal surveys that had been completed in the past to help Centrica identify areas where there had been improvement and areas that required development.

The results of the survey were used to develop an organisational improvement program aimed at encouraging current safe behaviours and eliminating unsafe, risk taking behaviours.  As the survey had identified key risk groups and drivers, the program could be specifically targeted for maximum impact.