We undertook an extensive review of current safety culture assessment methods and engagement with BAE Systems’ stakeholders to identify key aspects of good practice in culture assessment. Safety culture assessment methods are underpinned by a consolidated view of the elements of safety culture, providing them with theoretical power and content validity. To draw upon this, a review of safety culture research was completed, BAE Systems’ product safety activities were then profiled, and a generic model of safety culture was produced to guide the scoping of the assessment framework.

The methods, cultural elements and evaluation approach have been combined to develop a bespoke prototype Culture Assessment Framework that can be used to evaluate and compare both product safety and workplace safety. The draft framework was piloted at two BAE Systems’ sites within the UK. The lessons and their implications for managing safety performance and assessing safety culture are summarised in a paper. The paper then outlines the rationale behind the decision to develop a bespoke assessment in partnership with Greenstreet Berman, and the development of a framework to assess both product safety and workplace culture across the company.

Underpinning the development of this prototype assessment is a greater understanding of the cultural factors that are common to both workplace and product safety and how these can support a holistic approach to assessing the impact of culture on different aspects of safety.

You can view the full paper here.