The Energy Institute (EI) is the professional body for the energy industry. A Royal Chartered membership organisation, the EI supports around 15,000 individuals and 250 companies across 100 countries, serving society with independence, professionalism and a wealth of expertise in energy matters.

We were contracted by EI to develop a web-based e-learning course that provides an introduction to human factors for non-specialists, (e.g. facility managers, mechanical engineers, designers, etc), and is based on the HSE key topics.

The course is entirely free and has been designed to help those working in industry gain an awareness and improved understanding of organisational and human factors issues. This course is most suitable for individuals with little to no prior knowledge of Human Factors.

The course contains 11 modules covering various Human Factor topics. Each module follows a standard format, providing an introduction to the topic, problems and issues linked to the topic, the causal factors that make these problems and issues more likely, possible solutions, and real examples and case studies where applying Human Factors has been beneficial.

The course is interactive with additional information and pop-up boxes, and also provides links to other websites and videos to watch. Each module takes around 30 minutes to complete, and can be completed in a number of sittings.

On completion of the course, learners should be able to: recognise the Human Factors issues relevant to the energy and allied industries and how these can impact on safety and understand the sorts of approaches and solutions that are available to mitigate these issues.

You can view the course by following the link below. Before you can begin the course, please register your details through this link. This will grant you access to the course and allow your progress to be saved.