Health communication methods were evaluated to:

The project encompassed a Rapid Evidence Review (RER) of relevant literature in the field of health communication; a practicality workshop with end users and civilian health communication experts; and Relative Order of Magnitude (ROM) cost calculations in order to identify effective communication methods to convey nutritional information to the customer.

A report has been produced that presents the project findings related to the core research questions as follows:

  1. What novel methods and technologies exist to convey health communications? What evidence is there that these methods help to: increase knowledge and awareness of good nutrition; and influence behaviours and attitudes to dietary intake?
  2. How easy or difficult would it be to implement these methods in a real life setting?
  3. Where might health communication methods go in the future?
  4. How might the effectiveness of these methods be evaluated?
  5. What are the potential costs of those methods identified?