A paper based toolkit was developed from this research.

The aim of this follow-on project was to convert the paper-based toolkit and guidelines from the initial research into an interactive CD-ROM toolkit, and pilot it with a cross-section of Railway Group companies. An interactive CD-ROM was piloted over a 4 month period (in three train operating companies, one freight operating company and two Infraco engineering companies).

The toolkit focuses on two areas: helping the user to understand why non-compliances occur and providing a set of potential solutions that will help the organisation reduce the incidence of non-compliance. The Toolkit contains a number of parts:

The CD-ROM Toolkit has been well received by the companies that took part in the pilot trials. The majority of companies warmly welcomed the toolkit because it provides additional insights and it provides an audit trail and assurance that confirms that they are addressing issues appropriately. All users saw value in the toolkit as a training aid. One organisation has already incorporated it into company procedures.

The following comments were received from rail companies:

‘The toolkit is a very useful tool. It gives structured guidance to individuals with less experience in this area, however it is also a good means for the more experienced manager/ investigator to cross check their conclusions.’

‘This is the perfect tool to introduce to managers who are not in the habit of being involved in investigations’.

You can view the tool here.

You can view the report here.