The Corporate Health and Safety Performance Index (CHaSPI) has been designed for organisations with more than 250 employees operating in the UK within any business, public or charity/volunteer sector. It is voluntary and free to all users. A paper version of CHaSPI was developed and piloted in 2003 and made into a web enabled version in 2004.

The work initially undertaken in 2004 to develop the electronic version of CHaSPI was successfully delivered to the HSE within three months, primarily as a result of the content specification being successfully researched and piloted earlier in that same year by Greenstreet Berman (HSE Research Report 217). This first electronic version of CHaSPI was launched by the HSE in February 2004 for further validation. The HSE commissioned Loughborough University as an independent organisation to undertake the validation of CHaSPI (HSE Research Report 335). Subsequent to the findings of this validation process, CHaSPI underwent further development and refinement before being launched as an HSE product in July 2005. This report describes further developments after validation.

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