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Human Factors

Human Factors Training and Risk Management Solutions

Greenstreet Berman understand that human error is a recognised factor in most major accidents, either causing the incident or failing to manage it effectively, which is why we provide our clients with effective human factors training and risk management solutions.

Whilst good engineered systems and effective safety management are essential pre-requisites, high performing organisations implement advanced approaches to the prevention and management of human error and unsafe behaviour.

If you take a historical perspective, safety critical industries first focused on getting engineered safety right. After suffering a series of major accidents, it was recognised in the 1980′s and 1990′s that safety training must be managed like other core aspects of business. Over the past few decades there has been a growing consensus that achievement of high standards of safety requires that the human element of risk is also effectively managed. Most leading organisations see the management of Human Performance and prevention of Human Error to be essential elements of latter day high performing organisations.

Human Factors and Ergonomics and Occupational Psychology are applied to ensure that an organisation’s safety performance is an asset rather than a risk. Whilst the initial prompt for applying Human Factors and Ergonomics is safety, systems designed according to good HF practice are also easier to operate and help improve business performance.

Why apply human factors?

The main reasons that organisations apply Human Factors training and risk management solutions in safety critical industries are to:

Optimise safety performance and thereby:

Meet regulatory HF expectations:

And thereby demonstrate you have a proactive approach to meeting regulatory requirements and applied latest safety thinking to the management of human error.

Improve business performance

Properly trained, motivated and supervised people, working to realistic procedures with suitable equipment in a supportive organisational climate (all aspects of Human Factors Training) help to improve operational productivity, quality of services and avoid business interruptions.

Our approach to Human Factors & Ergonomics

We believe you need to be highly involved throughout the process of our consultancy from the evaluation of the problems through to devising and implementing effective solutions. Without your full understanding and buy-in to the necessary changes that need to be made, any solution will only address the problem in the short term. We’re a solution-based consultancy, which means any strategy has to be self-sustaining in your company.

We look at your human risk issues from a holistic perspective, in order to provide effective risk management solutions, helping you gain a complete understanding of your business, your employees and the areas of risk that need to be addressed.

We have worked with many of the big names in many high hazard industries, providing human factors training and risk management solutions. What’s more, our strong reputation regularly sees us called upon by working groups and regulators, such as the Health and Safety Executive, to conduct research projects and develop guidance tools. This expertise puts us in a unique position to understand the pressures that high hazard companies are under..

Human Factor Services

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