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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement strategy and plan

Government, regulators and agencies often aim to achieve improvements in health, safety and the environment by promoting changes in peoples’ attitudes and behaviours.

Campaigns to promote behaviour change need to be evidence based and require a valid understanding of peoples’ beliefs and perceptions so that effective messages can be developed. The success of communications depends on understanding issues and concerns and addressing underlying attitudes and behaviours. Communicating on risk related issues also touches on risk perception and peoples’ subjective judgments.

Having an effective stakeholder engagement strategy is becoming an integral, and often statutory, part of business practice in both the private and public sector. Effective consultation with stakeholders is critical for data gathering, the identification of key issues, and the development of sustainable and workable solutions.

We have extensive experience in designing, managing and delivering stakeholder engagement processes across a wide range of health, safety and environmental issues with the aim of improving outcomes.

Why engage with stakeholders?

The success of initiatives depends on understanding issues and concerns and addressing underlying attitudes and behaviours as well as practical problems.

Consultation with stakeholders is critical for the identification of key issues and the development of sustainable, workable and truly effective solutions. Done properly an efficient stakeholder engagement strategy can contribute to co-operation, help build trust, strengthen partnerships and improve decision making.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Through research, analysis, development, implementation and evaluation we help develop a rich understanding of peoples’ attitudes and behaviours, and enable the development of truly effective communications.

We can develop a stakeholder engagement strategy with tools and processes that are appropriate for specific projects or situations. We have the expertise to undertake information provision, awareness raising, consultation and more innovative engagement techniques for two way dialogue and involvement aimed at creating ownership of solutions.

We provide the full range of support for implementing communication strategies and stakeholder engagement. We can arrange and manage print production, website hosting and maintenance and organisation, facilitation and management of events, seminars and workshops.

Stakeholder Engagement Services

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