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Human Factors and Safety Culture Training

Greenstreet Berman brings together the best of experience and theory, resulting in the development and delivery of training programs that lead to long lasting change and performance improvement.

Greenstreet Berman helps organisations achieve long lasting change and performance improvements by developing and delivering Human Factors training programs that focus on helping individuals change their behaviour and increase their level of competence.

We achieve this, through raising awareness, building confidence, increasing understanding of operational and organisational barriers and enablers, roles and responsibilities and provide a learning environment that encourages peer learning and allows individuals to practice and develop new skills in realistic operational environments.

We train front line staff, supervisors, managers, leaders and executives to ensure changes in behaviour and competence enhancement occurs throughout an organisation.

Our approach to Training

Our Human Factors training is based on decades of practical, first-hand experience in industry and consulting and we offer both bespoke and “off the shelf” courses to meet the operational needs of our clients.

Our people bring operational experience from industries such as utilities, rail, nuclear, emergency services and blue chip companies and have a detailed understanding of how to create the most effective environment for learning and development.

We can do this because our experience is underpinned by in-depth knowledge of how people learn and behave – drawing on our wealth of expertise regarding

Human Factors and Ergonomics and Occupational Psychology.

We take an interactive, engaging approach to training, and where appropriate, we use leading techniques such as the principles of Accelerated Learning. Also Greenstreet Berman is renowned for its research into health & safety, competence management, leadership and safety leadership and we use this research and theory to develop cutting edge interactive programs.

Our approach means that our training programs build the capabilities of your workforce and ensure you achieve long lasting change and performance improvements.

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