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Review of CHaSPI

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requested Greenstreet Berman to undertake a review of the Corporate Health and Safety Performance Index (CHaSPI), to provide basic information on the extent of its use, who uses it and how, and ways in which it could be improved.

Human factors good practice guide to managing alarms and alerts

Human Factors experts in the rail industry identified no specific guidelines for the design and fitting of alarms and alerts in the rail industry. Following stakeholder consultation, this project was carried out with a view to addressing that gap.

Developing a practical self assessment tool for measuring and managing safety culture

We evaluated a number of measuring methods employed by the industry. The results helped to establish a common understanding of the subject, its terminology, and tools to assess what opportunities exist for change.

Further development of health and safety performance management index

This report outlines the process undertaken in 2005 to further develop a web-based reporting tool on occupational health and safety.

Safety Critical Rule Compliance Toolkit

RSSB commissioned Greenstreet Berman Ltd to develop the Safety Critical Rule Compliance Toolkit as a practical tool to help Railway Group companies to understand and manage the factors that influence compliance.

Development of a SME version of the corporate health and safety performance index

A H&S performance index was needed for Small and Medium Sized employers to enable insurers and/or their brokers to get a measure of H&S performance of SMEs.

The development of a health and safety management index for use by business…

The development of a H&S performance index was one outcome of the work initiated by the Revitalising Health and Safety strategy statement and the HSC’s wish to increase incentives for senior managers to manage H&S well.