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‘Assessment and comparison of third party assurance schemes in the food sector: Towards a common framework’

Commissioned by the FSA, we identified and reviewed over 50 third-party assurance standards operating in the UK food sector. After completing an in-depth review, we concluded that…

Diagnosing And Improving Food Safety Culture In Food Businesses

Despite the development of assurance schemes, food safety management systems, HACCP and extensive international and national legislation, deadly outbreaks of food poisoning and contamination still occur…

A Tool to Diagnose Culture in Food Business Operators, for the Food Standards Agency (2012)

This work was commissioned by the UK’s Food Standards Agency. Food safety culture has been given greater attention recently due to increased interest in the role of business attitudes in achieving compliance and avoiding food poisoning.

Human factors good practice guide to managing alarms and alerts

Human Factors experts in the rail industry identified no specific guidelines for the design and fitting of alarms and alerts in the rail industry. Following stakeholder consultation, this project was carried out with a view to addressing that gap.

Leading indicators for assessing reduction in risk of long latency diseases

The HSE need meaningful ‘leading indicators’ that provide a real-time measure of progress in reducing long latency occupational disease.

Evidence based evaluation of the scale of disproportionate decisions….

This report summarises a study into the prevalence and causes of disproportionate health and safety management in the UK. It confines itself to decisions that are disproportionate in terms of excessive caution, excluding reckless decisions.

Managing driver managers

Greenstreet Berman developed a guidance document for the Rail Safety and Standards Board that draws together recruitment, training, competence assessment and selection best practice from across the rail industry.

Further development of health and safety performance management index

This report outlines the process undertaken in 2005 to further develop a web-based reporting tool on occupational health and safety.

Six SME case studies that demonstrate the business benefit of effective management of occupational health and safety

Greenstreet Berman Ltd conducted this research on behalf of the Health & Safety Executive to provide information on the business benefits of health and safety initiatives within six SME organisations.

Case studies that identify and exemplify boards of directors…

The HSE identified a need to produce case study material which business leaders could identify themselves with and which persuaded them of benefits that effective leadership in occupational health and safety can bring to health and safety as well as to the business overall.