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Develop your knowledge and skills in Human Factors

Develop your knowledge and skills in human factors in a five-day Human Factors Foundation training course provided by the Energy Institute. Delivered by Greenstreet Berman consultants and accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF), this training course will provide a practical, engaging and interactive introduction to key topic areas, including risk management, work systems, design and non-technical skills; as well as to how human and organisational factors (HOF) can be applied within the workplace.

Risk Based Decision Making Training in abnormal/emergency operating situations

We have been commissioned to help review and enhance the event management arrangements Thames Water has in place that allow them to effectively manage abnormal/emergency operating situations and restore service to customers and stakeholders.

Enhancing asset data collection through behavioural change

Greenstreet Berman were commissioned to develop media based communications to support Network Rail’s S&C asset data verification programme.

Human Factors Assessment and Integration in Design

Greenstreet Berman supported National Grid Transmission to enhance how they assess and integrate Human Factors in design projects.

Human Factors e-learning tool (free web based training course)

Greenstreet Berman developed for the Energy Institute a Human Factors awareness: web-based training course for non HF Specialists.

Design for patient safety

Greenstreet Berman was commissioned to develop guidance on how human factors can be applied to the design of healthcare facilities, on behalf of the NPSA.

Human Factors Alarms and Alerts Guidance and Sound Library

On behalf of RSSB, Greenstreet Berman, in conjunction with the University of Plymouth, have developed web based tools that provide guidance on the design of alarms and alerts.

Organisational drift

British Nuclear Group, on behalf of the industry, commissioned GSB to investigate organisational drift both to understand the validity of the concept and to identify ways that drift can be managed and reduced.

Assessing Human Factors

Greenstreet Berman helped Hickson & Welch identify a number of areas where the business could improve and, ultimately, reduce the risks of major accidents at its manufacturing sites.

Using a behavioural safety initiative to reduce accidents

Syngenta is a world-leading agribusiness that manufactures agricultural chemicals. In 1997, Syngenta questioned its own safety performance following a fatal driving accident, which spurred a zero tolerance approach to incidents and errors at its sites corporate-wide.