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‘Assessment and comparison of third party assurance schemes in the food sector: Towards a common framework’

Commissioned by the FSA, we identified and reviewed over 50 third-party assurance standards operating in the UK food sector. After completing an in-depth review, we concluded that…

Inland drowning risk assessment

Greenstreet Berman completed an analysis of the risk of drowning in inland British waters funded by the BNFL/RoSPA scholarship fund for safety related research.

Targeting higher risk businesses and simplifying local regulation by shared intelligence and common assessment: research results

The Better Regulation Delivery Office is working towards a simple and clear regulatory environment. Many common types of businesses, such as food outlets, are regulated by a range of local and national regulators.

Evaluation of the Home Fire Safety Check

In 2009 the Welsh Government commissioned Greenstreet Berman to evaluate the Home Fire Safety Check (HFSC) work in Wales.

Building Control Risk Assessment Tool

Greenstreet Berman developed a risk assessment tool for use by BCB surveyors to assist in determining what to inspect and the number of inspections per building application.

Business perspectives on approaches to securing compliance – BR0103

The aim of this project was to capture business perspectives of the effectiveness of regulation in general, the broad set of compliance interventions used by environmental regulators, specific views on enforcement and how these compare with other approaches and drivers of business environmental performance.

Evidence review of food safety behaviours in the home

This project was commissioned by the Foods Standards Agency as part of a package of work to investigate people’s behaviours in relation to food safety in the home.

Impact evaluation of multi-skilling Cardiac Catheter Laboratory staff

We were commissioned by the British Heart Foundation to evaluate the impact of the Catheter Laboratory Practitioner on Catheter Laboratory service provision.

Fire Service Emergency Cover Toolkit major incidents risk assessment module

The Fire Service Emergency Cover Toolkit is a geographic information system-based risk assessment methodology developed by DCLG for fire and rescue authorities.

Review of CHaSPI

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requested Greenstreet Berman to undertake a review of the Corporate Health and Safety Performance Index (CHaSPI), to provide basic information on the extent of its use, who uses it and how, and ways in which it could be improved.