Who we are

Founded in 1997, repeat work from clients has led to our growth into a small consultancy with offices in central London, Reading and Manchester.

We work in a wide range of fields including major hazard accident prevention, occupational health and safety, human factors, environmental management, crisis management, safety culture, stakeholder engagement and corporate responsibility.

We have particular expertise in the human element – changing attitudes and behaviours, communications, developing individual competence, building real organisational capability through its people.

What we do

We aim to help our clients develop and implement lasting and truly effective solutions to risk related issues, whether they relate to corporate risks, public health and safety, environmental protection or sustainable consumption. Whether it’s the risk of corporate non-compliance with health and safety law, the risk of fire in a person’s home or the risk of consumers suffering food poisoning we aim to identify, assess and minimise risk in a truly effective way.

A common thread runs through all of our work regardless of the specific area of risk. We aim to develop solutions that work in practice not just on paper. We ensure we understand the human element, why people behave as they do, what attitudes need to change to bring about lasting effect, what competencies need to be developed to enable improved performance.

Some of our principles

As a professional consultancy working in the fields of risk we are committed to the highest standards of quality and rigour in all of our work. As a matter of company culture we strive for excellence, recognising the criticality of our work.

We also aim to put principle into effect, achieving a work life balance in our work, actively managing health and safety and seeking continuous improvement in our environmental performance as well as investing in our staff and sharing the rewards of company success with everyone in the company – adopting a responsible and sustainable approach to business.

Our principles extend to ensuring that the assignments we engage offer real value to our clients in respect of helping to minimise risk and adverse outcomes and improving organisational, individual and societal well being. We develop lasting relationships with our client by ensuring our work adds value.