Senior Consultant

I am a Senior Consultant at Greenstreet Berman Ltd and support the health & wellbeing and safety behaviour work streams.

I have a fascination for understanding human behaviour and am currently undertaking my stage two qualification to become a Registered Health Psychologist. As a member of the British Psychological Society Division of Health Psychology, I possess a broad knowledge of behaviour change models, their practical application and the factors that influence attitudes, intention and physical behaviour. I have applied models such as the Health Believe Model, Theory of Planned behaviour and Transtheoretical Model to a range of operational contexts including cancer self-management, water safety promotion and individual uptake of recommended safety behaviours.

What do you do at Greenstreet Berman Ltd?

I have contributed to a number of projects for clients across the private, public and voluntary sectors, aimed at understanding and influencing health, safety and environmental attitudes with a view to inducing behavioural change.

I have Security Clearance (with full DV clearance initiated) and often undertake work within high-hazard industries, including: supporting procedural compliance; developing and delivering behavioural and culture change initiatives, competence assurance and safety management concerning both process/product safety and occupational safety.

In the field of research and evaluation, I have contributed to the evaluation of a number of public health guidance, undertaken a Rapid Evidence Review of over 100 safety culture assessment tools and contributed to the development of a food safety culture assessment toolkit.

What are your professional interests?

As a trained (TAP.Cert accredited) facilitator, I understand how to engage delegates in the learning process in a way that is enjoyable and that encourages contribution and ownership of any output/change. To date, I have developed and delivered a number of interactive workshops and training programmes within the utility, energy, rail, defence (inc. nuclear) and public health sectors.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy relaxing in my home town of Milton Keynes and can be found engaging in a random assortment of activities including the annual 10 mile ‘Midnight Moo’ walk for charity or swinging around roller coasters across the country with my ‘energy junkie’ husband.

Tell us something we might not know about you.

I am Dyslexic and often entertain colleagues with my humorous spelling, (thankfully we proof read all of our reports).