Michael Wright, a Director at Greenstreet Berman Ltd, will be presenting his paper, ‘Enhancing process safety and plant efficiency through the competence of Control room operators (CROs)’ .

‘Control Room Operator (CRO) skills are critical to avoiding errors that degrade plant performance and safety as well as handling faults and emergencies. Key CRO competencies include understanding plant state, gathering and interpreting data, process monitoring and fault detection and handling process upsets. CROs must understand process and plant function across normal, abnormal and emergency operations, detect process abnormalities, maintain situational awareness of plant status and take action to optimise plant operations across these conditions. However, many sectors are experiencing a shortage of skilled CROs, with shortages intensified by competition for skilled labour and succession management problems.  As the workforce gets older, there is a vital need to increase the supply of new operators. Coupled with an ageing workforce, are ageing facilities with the increased risk of equipment failure as equipment approaches end of design life – placing greater demands on CROs. Furthermore, increased complexity and automation of plant requires a high level of expertise for safe and proper operation, particularly when automation fails…’

Shona Watson, one of our Senior Consultants, also has a poster presentation on ‘Advancing Safety, Reliability and Efficiency through Competence Management – a Catalyst for Improvement’.

You can view the poster here.

Details about the Conference are available from the IChemE website here.