…3 brave teams set out in the scenic town of Reading competing to solve a Treasure Trails’ Murder Mystery…

With the clock against them, and after a slap up meal at London Street Brasserie, we all focused on finding the murderer & weapon used.

What could have been a gentle stroll turned out to be a competitive march around the historical town’s centre, each team determined to finish first.

Great initiative was shown, without the sniff of cheating, as we solved each clue, eliminating the suspects one by one.

Despite mis-reading a question, being told by a passer-by that one of the answers was wrong (even though we discovered it to actually be correct), and one team having a hidden member in the form of an unborn baby (appearing soon…), all teams managed to finish within a respectable time, aided by some clever planning, sharp thinking, one text for a clue & some fast waddling!

Congratulations go to Ben’s team who finished first and had time to order coffee & cake near the final clue, to then enjoy witnessing the final puzzled looks as the other 2 teams appeared soon after.

A fun afternoon had by all.

Have a go! There’s more info here…