The 2012 consultation document found here said:

“Following the Future of Building Control review in 2008, which showed strong support for the development of a risk-based service plan approach, the Department commissioned research to develop a risk assessment decision making tool for building control bodies. The research showed that those building control bodies who piloted the tool found it a practical and useful approach which took a reasonable amount of time to complete and owners and builders found the generation of service schedules a means of making decisions more transparent and better communicating notification needs. The tool produced as a result of this project is being published alongside the consultation as guidance which building control bodies may adopt if they wish and includes an example of a service plan.”

Their proposal was:

“To keep only commencement and completion of work as the statutory notification stages, and replace the rest with a “service plan” which would set out where the local authority and the person carrying out the work have agreed on a risk assessment basis when the local authority needs to be notified.”

The risk assessment method, developed by Greenstreet Berman Ltd can be seen at:

Risk assessment guidance

Summary report

DCLG state that the general aim is for deregulatory changes to come into force in April 2013, which includes the proposals relating to the building control system, with provisions which have a regulatory impact coming into force in October 2013.