CLG consulted on how best to reform the system of building control in 2007 to 2008, as summarised in “The Future of Building Control”.

One of the proposals in the Future of Building Control was “B. Modernising the System – Effective Risk Based Inspection and Enforcement”. Guidance has already been published for all BCBs in the Building Control Performance Standards but it does not lay out a risk assessment method.  This work developed a risk assessment tool for use by BCB surveyors to assist in determining what to inspect and the number of inspections per building application.

We developed a numerical risk assessment method for use by building control officers to determine the number of inspections per building project and the focus of those inspections. The method included whether the builder was a member of a recognized trade association or professional institute, amongst other factors. The method was piloted with building control officers who said that the use of risk assessment and service schedules should lead to better targeting of inspections and reducing unnecessary visits; help to determine the number of visits and help determine appropriate inspection fees; and ensure compliance first time.


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