Greenstreet Berman developed a safety culture toolkit for the rail industry that specifically aimed to help rail companies assess the attitudes and behaviours of their employees towards safety, benchmark their performance against other rail companies within the sector and use identified best practice to understand how to tackle identified development areas.

As with the Centrica Survey, the online safety attitudinal questionnaire was built around the HSE Climate Tool and Maturity Model, to ensure criterion validity. Questions were specifically developed so that they were applicable to the operational context of the rail sector and focused on key areas of concern. The questionnaire was validated through user trials and factor analysis.

The questionnaire was built so that it could be administered on-line by the rail company and carry out automated analysis of results. Organisations can indicate the type of demographic variables they would like to analyse such as job type, team and department to help them identify key risk groups and also benchmark their overall score with other companies within the industry.

Greenstreet Berman also carried out a detailed review of best practice for enhancing safety culture through initiatives. This led to the development of good practice case studies.  These are available within the toolkit to help organisations identify how they will tackle areas for development identified through the results of their survey.

You can view the tool here.

This work produced a web-based safety culture toolkit that includes:

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