Syngenta has 11 sites in the UK and Ireland employing some 2,500 people making it one of the largest Syngenta operations in the world. In a bid to meet strict targets of zero accidents, one of Syngenta’s leading UK manufacturing sites turned to Greenstreet Berman for guidance.

Prior to these tough targets being enforced by Syngenta at corporate level, the site had introduced a behavioural programme with disappointing results.

To ensure that safety performance continued to improve, the Syngenta site recognised that it needed to develop an initiative that put employees at the heart of the strategy.

Working with the site’s management team, Greenstreet Berman helped design a “build on partnership” strategy to respond to the corporate zero tolerance approach.

The programme – SHE 2000 – was developed to improve Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) performance by increasing employee involvement; personal responsibility for SHE improvement and leadership; and knowledge of human factors and behaviour at all levels of the company.

Greenstreet Berman worked with Syngenta to help support the development of the programme, facilitating a bottom-up approach to get employees involved in the development of safety schemes and training employees to help them understand the roles they play in Syngenta’s SHE performance.

Initiative boosts SHE commitment

Greenstreet Berman’s human factors expertise played a pivotal role in helping the Syngenta site meet corporate targets and significantly reduce the accidents and SHE-related incidents.

By taking a bottom-up approach and increasing employee involvement in the design of SHE 2000, the programme has not only succeeded in reducing accidents, but it has also had a significant impact on other aspects of SHE and business performance. This has resulted in a greater level of trust and co operation between management and the workforce on many fronts.