The Centre does this by providing supervisors with the opportunity to acquire, practice and apply the skills and behaviours needed to positively influence teams’ understanding of, and behaviour to, procedural compliance.

The Supervisor Development Centre was initially designed for inexperienced supervisors and those with poor safety leadership skills. In practice the centre has been open to a very wide range of supervisors, including those who have been very experienced and very proficient in safety leadership. The reaction of the very proficient supervisors has been very positive; they appear to have gained from the event and have helped to pass on their knowledge to others.

Feedback from participants of the Centre has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants have felt that the centre provides the key skills needed to help tackle team non-compliance and allows supervisors to not only practice these skills in realistic situations but also learn from their peers and learn how other supervisors tackle situations, thus helping to give supervisors greater confidence in interacting and dealing with teams who are not complying with National Grid engineering standards and safe working practices.