A postal survey conducted in this study during the summer of 2003 with 2,437 respondents from micro, small, medium, large and very large firms across all sectors found that only 0.9% of micro firms, 0.37% of small firms and 0.6% of large sized firms lacked ELCI. This postal survey found similar levels of difficulty in securing ELCI and concerns about the cost as previous studies.

This study also acquired data from insurers on the number of ELCI policies they had in early 2002 and 2003. Insurers representing about 80% of the ELCI market reported an increase in the number of ELCI policies between 2002 and 2003.

Also, neither a request in the TUC’s Risks on-line bulletin nor a new APIL email survey of its 4,458 members in November 2003 found any significant evidence of claims against uninsured employers. We conclude that whilst there have been difficulties in getting ELCI and that the cost has become an issue, there is no consistent evidence of a compliance problem. Organisations say they have responded to ELCI cost pressures by trying to improve health and safety, whilst also, to lesser extents, reducing operating costs, contesting claims and switching insurers.


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