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Health, Safety & Environment

Health, safety and environmental performance needs to be effectively managed along with all other aspects of a business. History has shown that when businesses presume that accidents will not happen to them, all too often they suffer and their staff suffer the serious consequences of an unexpected incident.

Organisations that fail to proactively manage health, safety and environmental performance can be perceived as irresponsible or worse.

Health, safety and environment has developed over the past few decades from focusing on equipment, plant and procedures, towards an understanding that a systematic approach to managing health, safety and environment is needed. Risks must be identified, standards need to be set, systems put in place to achieve these standards and their success must be monitored and reviewed.

More recently, it has become recognised that health, safety and environment is most effective when there is effective safety leadership and supervision, true engagement with workers and practical systems of work.

We assist businesses with developing and implementing truly effective approaches to optimising health, safety and environmental performance.

Why manage health, safety & environmental performance?

Optimise performance and thereby:
Meet regulatory expectations

And thereby demonstrate you have a proactive approach to meeting regulatory requirements and applied latest safety thinking to the management of safety.

Improve business performance

Properly trained, motivated and supervised people, working to realistic procedures with suitable equipment in a supportive organisational climate help to improve operational productivity, quality of services and avoid business interruptions.

Our approach to Health, Safety & Environment

We identify key success factors and potential risks and work closely with our clients to produce solutions that they can sustain. We develop solutions that make a difference, that comprise real change in individual and organisational behaviours.

We aim to develop a capability within our clients’ organisations for them to sustain their HS&E performance – through training, bespoke system development and ‘technology transfer’.

Our work cuts across all sectors and types of hazards, whether it is slips and trips, operating chemical plants, driver safety, stress or major accident prevention. In all cases we develop bespoke solutions to HS&E issues.

Health, Safety & Environment Services

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