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Research & Evaluation

Government, regulators and agencies are looking for new ways of continually improving health, safety and environmental performance.

We specialise in the areas of public health (such as diet, exercise & immunisation), food safety, fire safety at work and in the home, road safety, occupational health and safety and flood protection – all areas where peoples’ attitudes and behaviours are critical.

The success of initiatives depends on understanding issues and concerns and addressing underlying attitudes and behaviours as well as practical problems.

We bring together expertise in psychology, social research, communications and technical knowledge to develop innovative and effective research to address these issues.

Research & Evaluation Services

Why complete research and evaluation?

Closer scrutiny of government activity has increased the need for policies and initiatives to be developed from robust, evidence based research and to be evaluated for effectiveness. Robust, targeted and cost effective research methods are essential. Research and analysis creates a solid foundation for developing and assessing policy and strategy options and conceiving new initiatives and regulatory interventions.

Effective implementation requires a strategy that fosters ‘buy in’ from stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement is an essential aspect of implementation.

Evaluation not only helps to assess the impact and effectiveness of pilot schemes, new initiatives and regulations but can also provide an evidence base for decisions on whether or not to continue with a scheme or initiative and how best to improve it.

Our approach to Research & Evaluation

Our research benefits from the application of specialist expertise in areas such as psychology and social research and subject matter knowledge of policy and strategy. This enables us to develop a fuller understanding of peoples’ attitudes and behaviours.

Our long experience in the fields of health, safety, environment and risk management means we have knowledge of past and current research and expertise in how best to develop initiatives and policies to promote behaviour change in these fields.

We have a solutions oriented and evidence based approach to developing truly effective solutions. We undertake robust research, we pilot initiatives to ensure they work before being launched and help evaluate schemes to guide future policy and strategy. We can draw on our extensive private and pubic sector experience to ensure policies and strategies are practical and realistic.

Our broad experience of working with public sector organisations means we understand the objectives and constraints of those responsible for developing policy initiatives and regulations.

As a specialist consultancy we can provide robust policy oriented interpretation of findings, providing added value to the research.

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